Getting started

This guide is an introduction to the S2 Wishlist For WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. Basic knowledge of WordPress administration is required.

Displaying a Wishlist

Let’s start with displaying a wishlist on your page. First open the S2 Plugins > Wishlist menu on your WordPress admin screen.

You can see two tabs here i.e. report & settings. In report tab, you can see products with wishlist count i.e. how many users have wish-listed that product.

In settings tab, there is a setting to enable ‘Show fixed wishlist button in footer’ which will be available on every page. Also, you can enable ‘Social Sharing’ to share your wishlist on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp.

Once you have successfully configured plugin, you will see wishlist icon on the product. On clicking wishlist icon, that product will be added in your wishlist.

Also, on clicking ‘My Wishlist’ button from footer wishlist pop-box will open.