Getting started

This guide is an introduction to the S2 Donation using Stripe plugin for WordPress. Basic knowledge of WordPress administration is required.

Displaying a Donation Form

Let’s start with displaying a form on your page. First, open the S2 Plugins > Donation menu on your WordPress admin screen.

You can see two tabs i.e. report & settings. In report tab, you can see email with donation amount.

In settings tab, you will find first ‘Stripe Account Keys’ settings where you can enter your Stripe account ‘Publishable Key’, ‘Secret Key’ (obtained from your Stripe account) along with the option to enable ‘Test Mode’. So you can test donation using your test keys before going live. The test keys are different than live keys and should only be used when enable ‘Test Mode’.

Next is ‘Donation Form’ settings where you can enter information in below fields:-

• Title

• Description of form

• Donation amount

• Fixed donation amount – If this option is enabled then user will pay fixed amount.

• Recurring donation – It will show drop-down with values like daily, weekly, monthly, annually etc. If the user selects this option, donation will be collected automatically by Stripe using selected frequency.

• Donation currency – Select the currency in which you wish to receive the payment.

• Donation success page – After successful payment, Stripe redirects the user to this page.

• Donation cancel page – After payment is cancelled by user, Stripe redirects the user to this page.

After completion of donation form’s settings, copy below code:

Then, open the edit menu of the page (Pages > All Pages) into which you wish to place the donation form. A popular practice is of creating a page named “Donate”. Paste the copied code into the contents of the page.

Next is ‘General’ settings, those are for debugging purpose which saves the debug messages to the log.

Donation form with not fixed amount i.e. user can enter any donation amount that you wish to donate. On clicking submit button, user will be redirected to Stripe checkout form of your Stripe account.
Donation form with fixed amount i.e. user can’t modify the donation amount. Also, you can enable recurring donation option from settings.
Stripe checkout form with one time donation. Once user donates an amount, it will be added in your Stripe account immediately. Then from Stripe dashboard you can either place payout request or it will be automatically credited after 7 days as per your Stripe account settings. So amount will be added to your bank account from Stripe.
Stripe checkout form with recurring donation.